1. Cat beard cat. Meta.

    Cat beard cat. Meta.

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  2. zubat:

    This is what I looked like and what I was wearing when I was almost arrested for assault this afternoon.

    I said I would post a more detailed story earlier and this is it. I was shopping in the men’s section of Forever 21 when two guys started shouting obscenities at me. They called me names that range from d*ke to “fucking queer” to f*****. They asked me where my dick was, how I felt about being a disappointment to my parents, and told me they were disappointed because they would have fucked me if I didn’t try to act or look like a boy. I was very calm and quiet [because I was trying to find a really awesome shirt in my size] and that irritated them. When I found my size, I had to walk by the dweebs to the cash registers. As I walked by, one touched the side of my head and said “it was a shame.” I spat in his face. I was checking out and ready to leave the store when an officer who patrols the mall came up to me and arrested me for “assaulting” the men. I was handcuffed for 15 minutes while the officer talked to witnesses who vouched that I was being harassed so he let me go “with a warning.”

    And that’s the story of how I was almost arrested today.

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    London-based freelance illustrator and graphic artist Martin Tomsky creates awesomely detailed laser-cut plywood illustrations. Each beautiful piece is comprised of many layers, assembled one at a time, to form lyrical scenes, some of which are inspired by TV shows such as Adventure Time and Game of Thrones.

    Visit Martin Tomsky’s website and DeviantArt page to check out many more of his stunning creations (and get a better look at the larger pieces pictured here). He also has an Etsy shop where he offers original pieces for sale, both big and small.

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    What we do is we keep filling the internet world with things like this so that the assholes can’t help but see it. And see it. And keep seeing it until it starts getting through. Because it’s the constant flow of assholery that normalizes their behaviour, and that’s what we have to supersede.

    *standing ovation*

    I love Jessica Williams so much.

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    Oof. This movie. Forever.

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  6. Nerd shit.